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Roberto Traven Black Belt Competitor 

Kodiak Highlights

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Competitor


· Roberto Traven Black Belt 

· Gracie World Champion, Adult (brown) 

· 2x Masters World Champion (brown & purple) 

· 7x Masters World Silver Medalist 

· 5x Masters PanAm Champion 

· 5x Ohio State Champion 

· 14x Atlanta Open Champion 

· 6 – 0 Super fight, 3 wins via submission  

· 3 – 0 MMA, all wins via submission 

· IBJJF Ranked #1 in the world '14 & '15, Ranked #2 '16  

I am seeking the truth - The purity of jiu jitsu by way of superior technique. My goal is to create a symbiotic relationship with my training partners, exposing our weaknesses in the lab so that our display of this art is flawless during competition.

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